Mahendra singh Thapa one of the original Nepali raft guides to emerge as rafting developed in Nepal. In 92 he was considered as the most experienced guides in the Himalayas and formed Equator Expeditions, an adventure travel company based on Kathmandu. In 2002 Mahendra became the President of the Nepal Rafting Association. 

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Himalayan whitewater challenge: Party of the year: Nov 28th to 30th at Trisuli river
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Equator Expeditions Rafting Company Leading since 1998.
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Equator expeditions leading mountaineering since 2005
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sukute beach, riverside resort, rafting at bhote koshi
sukute beach, riverside resort, rafting at bhote koshi
Testiminols Guest
Thank you to everyone at Equator for a great trip on Sun Kosi, especially to Arun and the rest of the team on the river who all worked very hard providing us with great support and wonderful food. We all had a fantastic trip and hope to come back to paddle more rivers and see more of Nepal in the future. It was also nice to meet you.