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Himalayan whitewater challenge: Party of the year: Nov 28th to 30th at Trisuli river11 November 2012, Sunday
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November 28-30th (14th Himalayan Rodeo)
Trisuli River. Near Kathmandu. Nepal

What is the Himalayan Challenge?
The Himalayan Whitewater Challenge is all about fun. This unique event format combines an Extreme Slalom, Downriver and Freestyle event to find an overall whitewater champion. The event takes place in the amazing Nepalese Himalayas, close to Mount Everest and Tibet. Points are calculated and kayaking equipment prizes are awarded to the Nepalese competitors. Local Nepalese prizes are awarded to the international competitors including Everest Flights, Jungle Safaris and more. Past events have attracted both Slalom and Freestyle World Champions. Paddlers of all levels are welcome. It's all about having a good time!!

Himalayan veterans Dave Allardice, Peter Knowles, Guy Robins and Gerry Moffatt conceived the idea of a Himalayan White Water Rodeo late one night in 1992 at the infamous "Rum Doodle" bar in Kathmandu . This year celebrates fourteen years of the event. With the combined forces and expertise of Pete Astles, and the Peak UK Team the Himalayan Challenge, has become one of the most exciting WW events in the world. Established as a get together for international expedition kayakers travelling to the mighty rivers of the Himalayas, the Peak UK Himalayan Challenge now attracts around 100 competitors including some of the best kayakers in the world from over twenty countries. It has also become the official selection event for local Nepalese kayakers to represent Nepal at the world championships. However, the event has remained a testament to the true spirit of kayaking, and for most just participating in the greatest party in the Himalayas is a sufficient draw.

For a change, this year's event takes place on the holy Trisuli River. According to Hindu Legend Lord Shiva drove his trident into the mountains to create the river when he needed to cool himself. Located 50 km west of Kathmandu, the Trisuli River has earned the reputation as one of Nepal's premium white water runs, containing several sections of quality whitewater.

Event Classes:
International Men. International Ladies. Nepali Men. Nepali Juniors and for the first time ever Nepali Ladies!! All boats welcome. Special prizes for Creek boats too.

The Events:

Extreme Slalom / River Running Skills :
A course is set out on a testing piece of whitewater consisting of 10-15 obstacles, which must be run in number order. Slalom gates, set freestyle moves, river running skills, number touch boards etc make up the course. Paddlers race against the clock and 20 second time penalties are added for missed obstacles. Usually the winner is the only paddler to complete the testing course with a faultless run.

Downriver / Boater Cross:
Paddlers race from a Le Mans style mass start, head to head down a stretch of challenging class 4 whitewater. This is a pretty tough test of endurance, skill and tactics.

Freestyle / Big Air Contest:
Paddlers take turns to perform choreographed routines on a set wave or whole ( a white wave that turns back on itself holding the kayak ) scoring highly for verticality and variety. Competitors take two 45 second rides of non stop vertical and aerial action. They progress through qualifying heats, semis, quarters then on to the weekend's highlight, the knockout finals, where the top five paddlers go heat to head, with the lowest scoring ride dropping out until there is only the winner left. Creek boats welcome and work very well in the big powerful water!!

Provisional Event Timetable:
Friday: Morning - Registration. Afternoon - Kayak Slalom Race. Evening - Party Saturday: Morning - Freestyle Heats. Afternoon - Freestyle Finals. Evening - Party Sunday: Morning Downriver Race. Afternoon: Lunch, then back to Kathmandu.

If you are interested in taking part or just partying with us get yourself to the Peak UK Shop at Equator Expeditions, Thamel, Kathmandu on the 27th November. Sign up and get the bus ride up to the river on Friday morning. It's a really great weekend and fun is guaranteed for everyone.

sukute beach, riverside resort, rafting at bhote koshi
sukute beach, riverside resort, rafting at bhote koshi
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